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1985, part 1.
1985, part 2.
After the peak.
Back on the Street.
Studio Life.
Second Life, part 1.
Second Life, part 2.
Second Life, part 3.
*** Band Profiles ***

     Here is a short pictorial history of The Invisible Band! showing its' progress over the years. This is something I've been meaning to do for quite some while, but have been putting off because of one thing or another. Anyway, here it is. I hope this conveys some of what The Invisible Band! is/was about.

     I started writing material for The Invisible Band! in 1981 and set about getting the band together. It wasn't easy and I often had to resort to using a backing track or two to play along with. Ah well, I was a bit crazy back then...

     I hope this does justice to everyone who was ever involved with The Invisible Band! and I hope that they're making good music wherever they may be. Maybe we'll meet up sometime soon and start all over again!

      The journey's far from over, folks! There's always more to come: New albums, new shows, new adventures.