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     The Invisible Band! live at the Lee Centre 29 October 1983. Julia Fulcher singing, Jim Bryce on bass, Tony Davidson on drums and me, Rory Cargill, on guitar and a bit of keyboards. A faultless performance in spite of a poor audience turnout. Jim is a great player! If only he'd stayed with us longer.

     Another action shot at the same gig. Dig the 'snare' drum. It's actually a chinese tub drum we got at Ray Man in Covent Garden. The whole drum kit was made out of all sorts of bits'n'pieces.

     Julia really getting into it. This is a great action photo of her as it captures movement, moment and expression all in one! By this point in time, Julia had thrown herself totally into her songwriting and singing and things were taking on a life of their own.

     Tony giving it a bit of stick! Tony played guitar, bass, drums and other instruments over the years with The Invisible Band! He is now working on various projects involving the Innerpropriates and other bands.

     Back in our studio at home in Alma Rd., Wandsworth. I think Tony's trying to tell me something about the mix. Julia and I turned the front room of our terraced house into a sound-proof studio. We had to build a drum riser using old tires to isolate it from the rest of the building. Wobbly, but it worked perfectly.

     Jerry Wickings, a friend of Tony's laying into the drumkit when we were recording our 'triple album'. Did the whole thing in a week or less in April 1983 because we couldn't afford to hire the 8-track for any longer, so it all went by in a mad rush.

     Julia looking in a very good mood during our recording marathon. She did an excellent job of things. In spite of being nearly penniless, those were great days.

     Julia looking a bit pensive as the tape's about to roll. She needn't have worried. Everything turned out just fine!

     Jerry taking a break from being a percussive dynamo! "What, you mean I've got to run through the whole thing again?????" Last sighting of Jerry was with the Mutoid Waste Company in Berlin and then later in Italy.

     And last, but not least, myself wibbling away on the synth while recording one track or another. The songs were fast, the time was fast, I don't know how I found time to breathe.

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