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     Group photos of The Invisible Band! in early 1985. That's John Dent with the drumsticks and leather cap, Nina Watson with the bass, fake leopardskin jacket and tophat, Julia Fulcher with the red cape, microphone and very pregnant belly and myself, Rory Cargill, with the guitar, shades and stripey jacket.

     For some reason or other, the line-up of The Invisible Band! kept changing and never remained stable for very long. As a result, we seemed to have different drummers and bassists every year. While it was nice to meet and work with new musicians, it meant that we had to spend more and more time rehearsing old material before moving on to new material. For instance, this line-up, which worked very well actually recorded less material than we did in 1983, even though our repertoire had expanded enormously.

     This was the most exciting and fun line-up of The Invisible Band! If only it had lasted longer than a year. We all gave it 1000% and put in some truly dynamite performances.

     Here we are, hard at work in our studio. Being in a band isn't all fun'n'games! But if you want to put on a great show, you've gotta do your homework. Note the wooly jumpers and cups of tea. It was very cold in there. Doing a full rehearsal warmed the studio up a bit, though.

     John Dent caught off-guard as he gets set in behind his drums. You want lotsa drums? You want lotsa cymbals? John's your man! Crash, bang, wallop.

     The Invisible Band! live at Covent Garden Square 05 April 1985. Noticably absent, or invisble(!), is Julia. She was still recovering from giving birth to our son, Daniel, and was really in no shape to go ahead with the show. It was a surprise as Daniel was born a month premature and we had planned to debut our new line-up with Julia 8 months pregnant. As it was we went ahead and did our set as an instrumental as neither John nor myself can sing worth a darn and Nina hadn't had time to learn the lyrics. She'd done a tremendous job learning the songs and playing supersonic bass. Nevertheless, the show had to go on.

     I felt that it was vindication to take part in this festival in Covent Garden. Four years earlier, I had been arrested while busking at the other end of Covent Garden Square and was severley mistreated by the police. What followed was months of stressful court appearances and runaround. Back then I was kicked around mercilessly. This was payback time and we kicked serious ass!

     John and Nina sitting at the top of the stairs at the London Musicians' Collective near Chalk Farm 4th April 1985, the night before the Covent Garden gig. We did this one as an instrumental set as Julia was still in hospital after giving birth to Daniel. A wierd evening. One of the acts was a guy 'musically' dismantling and reassembling a piano!

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