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     Stonehenge 1984. One amazing festival! No restrictions, no hustling to get on stages. All you had to do was get there, set up and start playing. Things were happening all over the place. Great music and other wierdness at campsites all over the festival site. Phew! That's me, Rory, shaking my guitar, Iain Davie on drums and Julia singing and giving the tub drum a thwack. That's our van in the background.

     Another musical afternoon at Stonehenge with John from the OM Band twiddling away on the mixing desk and synth, me on guitar, Iain rattling his dums and Julia singing and bashing away.

     A break in proceedings as I brush my hair out of my face!

     Hre we are in the Tibetan-Ukranian Mountain Troupe tent playing our songs. It would have been nice if Jim had stayed with us, but as it was we had to use the dreaded bass tapes to play along with. The only 'stage' we played on. The rest of the time we played at our campsite.

     A couple of nice photos of Julia and Iain when we playing round the back of our van. We had a great time, the weather was fine and everyone we met was nice.

     A sunny afternoon in our tiny back yard in Alma Rd. house in Wandsworth. Ahhh, life on the dole. Very little money, but all the time in the world to work on your music and getting things together. A constructive alternative to sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. Use that precious time! Little did I know that the Battle of the Beanfield would strike next year and change the whole festival scene forever.

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