Second Life, Chapter 2. The Invisible Band! History Music Zone

     In 2009, we were joined by the mysterious Alien Sun who walked up during one of our performances at SL6B and made herself at home playing our synthesizers and has been with use ever since. Her presence has brought a new dimension to our sound and our shows.

     Here we are with Alien Sun joining us on out ExoSonic SpaceRiders stage tripping out in space

    Wootjan-Oo, as ever, is at the heartbeat of our music on land, at sea or out in space.

    Alazarin, eyes aglow, stares off into infinity while shredding the black magic axe.

    Alien Sun, our new arrival, fills out the sound magnificently. She also has a strange habit of hypnotising all our audiences.

    WallaSan Grommet our Red Panda bassist standing on the edge of space filling the void with her waves of sound.

    The Pond was one of the smaller venues we've played at. It was a fun challenge to make it look larger than it really was and to fit us and our instruments on the stage.

    Goofing around at the Autonomous Media Playground before our show. You can see our Tentacle Stage in the background. We actually managed to fit it inside their building!

    Alien Sun with looks to die for. Something about those little skulls on her hat.

    WallaSan's hat counts down the minutes until we start our show while Wootjan-Oo waves his drumsticks around like conductors' batons.

     Warming up for our show at the Luskwood 8th Birthday Party in Second Life. It's one of our favourite places.

    Wallasan looks on while Alazarin puts on a show and skids across the stage.

     Alien Sun's Aetheric wings crackle with static electricity as she dazzles the audience with her electric playing.

    Wootjan-Oo lays down the beat from the back of the stage that keeps the show rolling on and on.

     And it's our famous tentacle stage at our home in Second Life. It features in our 'Sands of Mars' video.

    Alien Sun looks as if she's sprouted crystal leaves this time. It's certainly helped her blend in with the Tentacle Stage.

    Wootjan-Oo had an accident and has an android robotic body while he waits for a new organic body to regenerate in the growth vats. Hasn't affected his drumming at all.

    Wallasan has gone native with furs and feathers while she plays on the alien organic stage.

    Alazarin has mutated into a cybernetic fire dragon and, by the look of things, is totally engrossed in playing that magical guitar.

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