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     Yes, this is the very first gig I did as The Invisible Band! at the 101 Club, Clapham Junction. That's Andy Ashendon on drums and we played along with bass tracks I put down on tape which were running through the amplifier behind me so that I could hear it clearly to play along with.

     A ticket that never got sold! Actually we gave them all away and didn't even get a free drink from the bar. The 101 Club has long since gone and the venue has changed name more times than I can remember since 1982 and is presently closed.

     Andy Ashendon doing his best to look professional and businesslike. Taken at the Albert Haul studio, Lacy Rd., Putney.

     That's me recording some guitar bits at the Albert Haul on the left and at Starforce Studios on the right. I've still got that guitar, but the studio closed down years ago.

     Julia Fulcher warbling happily at home on our Vox Continental and cheapo electric piano. Didn't half sound way-out with masses of flanger and delay!

     Martin Daley... Starforce Studio was his baby. He also sang on "Doin' the Ton" which I recorded there.

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